We will hold on to our childhood days for as long as we can; toys and playing games and holding your little hand

                        will forever stay in our hearts....

                             We want you to know that today is a beautiful day in our lives and each day we look forward to you

                            looking up to us and teaching yet another Grandchild Lesson....



So while we have these days with you, can we tell you once more how much we love you?

Can we tell you that you are an amazing Child? Can we tell you that the world can't yet see you coming

but we have watched you from the day you were born and WOW....How great this world will become because of you?

can we tell you that the worlds greatest teachers are Children and that we are so

thankful for everything we have learned from you?


Though this day may not last as your memory of a child; we will have memorized every amazing mment in our hearts.

Although you may not understand our word today, you will one day turn around

not as the Child you once were but as the Incredible Person you will become....having made our world a greater place to be...

as you destined to...from the day you were born.


Today is such a happy day and today we thank God for thinking we were that special.....

for him to have placed you in our lives! With every footstep you take from this day on through school, we will

always thank you .... For Your "Grandchild Lessons"!