Grandchild Lessons 


To My Father With Love 



 My Motherís Eyes 



 My Precious Daughter 


My Special Child 


You Mean So Much To Me 



A Motherís Whispers


 God Bless You Father 


Thatís My Son 



I Love You, My Child 






 My Precious Sister 



 My Son 



A Destined Path 

  My Family Angels

          I stand in Honour of You....

        I love you with all of my heart!


       Millie P. Lorenz







 Father I Love You 


God Bless You Mom and Dad


My Daughter 


 My Mother 



 My Dear Daughter 





 My Precious Dreams



 With My Love Mother 




You Are A Blessing To Me


My Precious Child  



Heart Breaths





My Son I Love You



I Love You Father