The Gift Of You Beside Me



                The Gift Of You Beside Me

In my heart I know that your love for me is genuine and strong. It blankets the hard times in our lives and encourages us to become stronger as we live our lives together.


You walk   your footsteps through our lives until the sun sets ...and when the sun rises in the morning… your heart holds yet another day of loving me.


 How grateful I am to have the gift of you in my life! Without you my life would be empty; my heart would be searching for the very love of you in it.


 How grateful I feel to have you in my life; to be a part of your life.... receiving the gift of moments with you each and every day that we are together in our precious world; for each and every day in the rest of our lives that we have been blessed to spend together.


I look into your gentle eyes and they reveal something that I have known since the day we first met....  I see a reflection of my love for you; a love I hold so close to my heart!  I see such a precious gift before me; a gift created by God.... His gift to my world.


…. And in my entire world and all that it holds;

    I thank God for The Gift OF You Beside Me!



                   Millie P. Lorenz