In That Moment


My Daughter


I was there on the day she was born. You cradled her in your arms and held her close to your heart. The bond of love between you was nothing short of a miracle...My gift to you. You looked down into her beautiful eyes and in your heart you thanked Me for your precious Gift. Although you could not see Me, I held you both in My arms in that moment....


You shared laughter and joy and sadness and love. The sun shone, the birds sang and butterflies broke free of their warmth and flew amidst a gentle breeze… and time passed. She ran and played and fell to her knees.... and got up again with your loving arms to lift her. You lived in those precious moments; you felt each little footprint as they walked into your heart and on toward life.


You were a gift to each other and in the moments when you were apart, you held her in your memory. She was as real to you there as if she were beside you… so real because she was born to you! And just as she was born from the closeness of your heart, she filled your soul with a love that would remain with you for eternity.


And then the moment came when life stood still.... You cried out from the depths of your soul. You could not hear Me tell you that I held her. You could not hear me tell you that I was there in that moment; I was there to cradle her in My arms and hold her close for you!


 You could not hear Me tell you that just as I held you both when she was born.... I again held you both in that moment when life stood still! … although you may not have been together with her…. In That Moment I Held You Both Together In My Arms!!

And in that moment when I gave you your precious Guardian Angel to watch over you.... together We held you for the first time!!


Millie P. Lorenz