Love is holding a child in your arms realizing that no gift in the world could ever be more precious.

Love is a promise to another to be their stillness amidst their storms.

Love is a collection of our most precious memories, held deeply within our hearts.

Love is holding another closely, understanding how they are feeling, without need of a single word being spoken. Love is looking for the best in others and holding them in esteem for those qualities found.

Love is sharing laughter on the days filled with joy; and tears through the glimpses of grief.

Love is dreaming of a better tomorrow for someone

other than yourself.

Love is the light of another that shines bright enough to reveal a glimpse of Hope.

Love is guiding our children in finding the courage within their hearts to reach out for their dreams... with the conviction that they can achieve them.

Love is a shoulder… a gift given to each one of us for someone else to lean on.

Love is a mirror into our hearts leaving a reflection of everything precious that any heart could ever hold in one lifetime.


                                                                                  Millie P. Lorenz