My Memory - Mother and Father



I must have cried. And when I did, I must have felt the warmth and security of your loving arms holding me. Although I do not remember; in my heart I know this to be true. When I made my first steps, you let go of me just at the very time I could walk; all the while knowing that at times I would fall. You needed to search for and hold on to your inner strength, knowing that in your letting go, I would no longer need your hand on my journey away from you. You saw my first steps; you claimed them in Your Memory.  


When I rode my first bicycle you held on to it and ran with me while pushing me forward. I could feel the breeze against my face and an excitement within me such as I had never known before! Somehow you knew just when to let go and I found myself racing forward..... without your hand to guide me. The joy of my accomplishment came with it a price; I peddled even farther away from you. I remember that day; I claim it in my memory.


 From a distance you watched as I shouted with joy at my accomplishment. I was on my way to tomorrow; a tomorrow filled with a vision of what life held for me. You gave me the ability to see within my heart and the courage to reach out for my life before me. I turned and searched for a glimpse of your face in the crowd; needing for you to share those moments of joy with me. You smiled and waved; I felt your love as if it had spanned the distance between us. I will never forget that day; I hold it in my heart.


As you hold my newborn child in your arms, I see a mirrored vision of you and I from a time before I knew how to dream or remember. With an ache in my heart, I put my arm around you. You can not see the precious picture that we are making; but I can! Tears and love reflect in your eyes as you look up at me, revealing the answers to what I could not have remembered when I was young. With so much love in my heart for you both, I claim that picture for My Memory!

Millie P. Lorenz