This Beautiful Day

 This beautiful day is a collection of precious memories held within your heart. It is a turning of the pages of old family albums filled with beautiful dreams of the years you have shared with one another… and of dreams of generations yet to be. It is going back into all of your yesterdays; recalling the memories held within your heart as the treasures they truly are.



This is a day of Family and those you hold so dear to your heart. It is the sum of the many years you have given in love to each other and to others whose lives have been touched by that love. You have built the precious foundation of love your Family lives on!



This is a day filled with treasured memories for you… we feel such joy and thankfulness in being given the gift of being a part of your life, and we thank God for having given us the blessing of being a part of your Family!

 We Love You! 

 Millie P. Lorenz